About Shop DeKalb County Restaurants

We at Shop DeKalb County Restaurants was created by locals.  Our free platform connects locals to restaurants and makes it easy for other locals to find out who’s doing curbside, who is doing delivery, and can they order online? Your restaurant order is just one click away from happening on dekalbcountyrestaurants.com

Your Orders Keeps DeKalb County Restaurants Open.

In uncertain times, there’s always something we can do to help local business owners keep the orders coming in it starts with a community coming together to support our local restaurants.

We hope to help make your ordering experience a lot easier.  And you can benefit from the amazing restaurants that DeKalb County has to offer.

If you’re concerned about the safety of home food deliveries, please read this article from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Can I Get COVID-19 from a Food Worker Handling My Food.

About Our Founder

Founder of DeKalb County Restaurants

Our founder, Devon Buse, grew up nearby in Ogle County.  His focus and aim is to help support local businesses as they are what makes DeKalb County special.

Devon Buse is always lifting up his sleeves to help local businesses integrate with online technology and make it work for them.

He saw the opportunity to help local businesses out in April, 2020 when he created DeKalb County Local, a local Facebook page dedicated to all things local.  And shortly thereafter, created Dekalb County Restaurant Foodies a  free resource the community to come together and help promote our amazing restaurants.

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